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PetBooqz is all about flexibility.

That includes flexibility in integration with industry suppliers. We partner with the best and include as many options as possible, letting you choose the options that suit your business best.

Outside of Australasia? Don’t see your preferred suppliers? Let us know and we’ll follow up and see what we can do to work with them.


PetBooqz does not lock in your accounting software provider. All invoicing, accounts receivable, statements, GST reports are standard and require no additional software. Options are included for export of payments received to CSV and Excel or use our automated integration modules to export direct to the following software providers. Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership by choosing an option that works for you.


For Aussies by Aussies MYOB is designed locally, for local businesses, working with the ATO so you’re always up-to-date.

*Monthly fees apply

From paying your staff to controlling your cash flow, Xero is online accounting software that lets you do business, beautifully.

*Monthly fees apply

Client Engagement

Vet Check

Making client communication easier. Providing veterinary practices with an easy-to-use client education platform to save time, improve compliance and outcomes, build stronger client relationships and drive growth.

VetCheck is helping over 1100 practices to grow their practices through better-informed clients. PetBooqz unique document dashboard and browser allows staff to allocate Vet Checks media rich documents to auto generate on item sale, place in social media feeds, add to reminders or use for marketing campaigns.

Training and other assets are also available.

Extra subscription costs apply. 

Made for vets, by vets, iRecall®, is now one of the world’s leading client communication platforms, helping to extend vets’ personal advice and care beyond the practice door to their millions of clients and animals.

It provides automated, targeted and uniquely personalised content through a range of reminders, educational campaigns and surveys throughout the customer journey. Now part of the Zoetis group, iRecall continues on its mission to enhance the bond between vets and their clients (and their animals) by transforming client service and improving animal health.


Vedi is a cloud health platform locking comprehensive, accurate health records to a pet’s microchip. Vedi is connecting the veterinary world with efficient, user-friendly solutions that are underpinned by trusted data.

Vedi – it all starts with a scan.

Diagnostics & Pathology


ASAP laboratory was established in 2008 to work in close partnership with veterinarians and industry to provide an outstanding clinically-oriented veterinary pathology service that will exceed your expectations. Two way test request and import supported.


Now part of Zoetis, supplies point-of-care blood analysers to the medical market and the veterinary market. Abaxis provides leading edge technology, tools and services that support best medical practices, enabling physicians and veterinarians to respond to the health needs of their clients at the point-of-care while operating economical and profitable practices. Two way integration supported.

Extra subscription costs apply.
Gribbles Veterinary Pathology

Gribbles Veterinary Pathology provides veterinary diagnostic and analytical services throughout Australia and New Zealand. Two way test request and import supported, including support for direct import of HL7 raw text results.


Heska is dedicated to quality pet care. Through innovation, invention, and strategic partnerships with worldwide leaders in diagnostics and treatments, Heska provides the benefits of latest generation technologies to pet healthcare providers. One way import of test results


30 years of diagnostic innovation for healthier pets and happier pet owners. Two-way integration with IDEXX Vet Lab Station and VetConnect Plus for in-house pathology. Seamless transfer of test requests to machine, automatic billing and results returned to the clinical records. Test request for offsite pathology with import and link to clinical records. 

QML pathology

QML Pathology Vetnostics provides a first class diagnostic pathology service to Veterinarians throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales. Test request forms included with auto link of returned results. 


Vetpath provides a first class diagnostic pathology service to veterinarians throughout Western Australia. Test request forms included with auto link of returned results.

Vepa Labs

Vepalabs can help you grow your practice, offering a faster more comprehensive service to your clients, while saving you thousands in laboratory testing fees. Test request forms included with auto link of returned results. 

Zoetis Vetscan supplies point-of-care blood analysers to the veterinary market.

Zoetis Vetscan provides leading edge technology, tools and services that support best medical practices, enabling physicians and veterinarians to respond to the health needs of their clients at the point-of-care while operating economical and profitable practices. Two way integration supported.

Drug Register

Vet S8

Vet S8 is an online controlled drug register that replaces and improves on the paper-based recording of controlled drugs, specifically designed for vets. PetBooqz auto adds all S8 sales direct to the VetS8 service. Configuration and subscription costs apply. 

Hospital Chart

PetBooqz has its own smart Hospital Chart system with treatment work flow, anaesthetic sheet, automated billing and unlimited departments. All included in the standard subscription, no additional charges apply. No add-on required



PetSure is the name behind 90% of Australia’s pet insurance brands. They understand that more insured pets means more opportunities for vets to provide the best possible care and help more pet owners love their life with pets.

PetBooqz seamless integration allows claims to be sent electronically, directly to PetSure’s “VetHub” and includes claim status updates in the clinical records – no printed paperwork required.

Gap Only

Gap Only processing from PetSure. On the spot processing, no paperwork, clients pay only the gap, receive the remainder overnight.

PetBooqz includes seamless integration including visual checks of the approval process and automatic reconciliation of the client account. Included and ready to go with PetBooqz.

Better cover for pets, less fuss for vets.
Get treatments pre-approved and get paid directly.
Review claims and payment progress directly in Petbooqz.

Inventory Management


CUBEX solutions eliminates labor-intensive processes like inventory tracking and re-ordering, leaving you more time for patient care. Inventory is automatically tracked and re-ordered when stock is low.

Added security and automated logging ensures controlled substances are secure, accounted for, and administered with the correct dosage, every time.

Laboratory Management Systems


VADDS is a comprehensive laboratory information management system designed exclusively for animal laboratory management, deployed in a large population of diverse clinical and diagnostic veterinary laboratory environments around the world. Used in Australia by ASAP. 


In order to send SMS, an SMS Gateway service is required. PetBooqz offers an option for including this in your on-going subscription based only on messages sent. Our included message costs are highly competitive and up to 50% cheaper than other PMS options.

From 8c per message charged by monthly use in arrears.

You can also nominate your own preferred service. Protocols are included for the following.

Burst SMS

Australia’s smartest online SMS service Burst SMS 2 way SMS, real time reporting, URL tracking

Tall Bob

Better mobile experience with SMS and MMS.

The complete mobile messaging platform, delivered with clever functionality, rich interactivity and unprecedented insights. All designed to ensure the things you say reach and engage the people who matter most.


Microchip Scanner

The V8BT is a dual BT2/4 ISO scanner, ideal for equine and livestock handling as well as scanning of microchips in small animal medicine.

The V8BT will read FDX-A. FDX-B, HDX and Em4102 chips. The reader will also write to data chips for adding client details to the chips (not supported by integration).

The scanner can be connected via USB to allow direct scanning of a patient’s microchip to both search by and enter the number. No more recalling or mistyping numbers. Find a patient directly within Petbooqz via the patient global search or enter a new microchip number through the patient invoice or history.

For applications remote from a terminal or tablet, the number can be stored and transferred once the scanner is plugged into a terminal.

Note: While Bluetooth is also supported through the manufacturer’s apps, only USB and memory storage are supported through the Petbooqz integration.

Comes with USB cable and 12 months manufacturer’s warranty, direct from the distributors.

Online Appointments

Advance Notice

A convenient, easy to use, online booking system. Includes modules for appointments, boarding, “Click and Collect” online store, and reminders with secure two factor authentication for client logins.

Smart shuffling for boarding resources, control availability, length of service and products offered. Bookings show directly in the PetBooqz calendar and boarding chart. Subscription per module applies.

Subscription per module applies.

24/7 bespoke real-time online booking for vets. Join the thousands of other vets using Vetstoria to grow their business. Control availability, define allowed appointment types and time of service. Appointment bookings show direct in the Petbooqz calendar.

Subscription required.

So much more than online booking.
A platform that your customers and clinical team will love.

Payment Solutions


Fast, integrated & reliable EFTPOS for your business. PetBooqz transfers the payment amount direct to Tyro – no need for manual entry and potential errors.

Additional terminal costs apply.
Financial infrastructure for the internet.
Millions of companies of all sizes use Stripe online and in person to accept payments, send payouts, automate financial processes, and ultimately grow revenue.
Integrated with Petbooqz for in-person, payment links and appointment pre payments through Advance Notice.

Customise your existing card payment offering with mx51’s modern, device agnostic, payment terminal software, to deliver the best merchant experience.
Supports Westpac, Commonwealth Bank and more.


Windcave provides integration with just about any Aus/NZ bank through their smart terminals.


The bigger buy now pay later.

Whether your business is large or small, online, walk-in or any combination, humm can twist to fit. humm provides a seamless interest-free payment platform with repayment options from 10 weeks up to 60 months, which makes the big things and the little things in life affordable.

PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System)

PetBooqz offers a full hardware solution for on-site, offsite access and archiving including free DICOM viewers. Search for any patient images, access on any work station in the Practice or on the road (internet connection required). Remotely access high quality images with full image manipulation.

Note: Diagnostic use of digital imagery requires a high definition monitor of at least 24”. Diagnostic use of images via remote desktop or in a web browser is not recommended.

Fully integrated diagnostic imaging platform for optimal sharing, consulting, and storing

• Show clients what diagnostic images reveal about their pet’s health.
• Access your diagnostic images anytime via the cloud.
• Share images on screen or via email.

Manage and View Your Images
Easily and efficiently manage every step of your digital imaging process with Asteris Keystone PACS, the foundation of our digital imaging solution.

Asteris Keystone PACS goes beyond merely storing images to enable you to:

  • Access: Effortlessly store, access, transfer, and share your digital images with Asteris Keystone PACS. Use our convenient Asteris Keystone Online app for remote/mobile access to your images, reports, and files from any platform or device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Retrieve: Review and diagnose using our integrated DICOM image viewer. Advanced features include 2D Multi-Planar Reconstruction that enables you to easily reconstruct images in multiple planes for greater diagnostic accuracy. And because we strive to tailor solutions to your practice, Asteris Keystone PACS will even work with any other DICOM-compliant image viewer from another provider.

And a whole lot more including unmatched retention of images over time. (additional subscription applies)

Imaging solutions including digital x-ray systems, CR and DR, PACS servers, viewing software and review workstations.

Patient & Management Tracking


The Grabba Animal Tag Reader (ATR) uses RF and other technologies to assist in livestock management and animal care practices. The Grabba ATR combines microchip scanner and barcode reader in one lightweight, robust and efficient package reading directly to iOS devices. Combined with the PetBooqz global search and adaptive screens, Grabba provides a highly integrated means of instantly identifying patients, admitting, booking and other identification tasks. Never mis-identify a microchipped patient again.

Product Suppliers

PetBooqz integration with suppliers includes e-ordering, price checking and selective updating, receipting, stock updates and checking of deliveries, back orders and product substitution.


Lyppard Australia specialises in veterinary wholesale distribution to Veterinarians in Australia and around the world. 


Cenvet Australia is an Australian national animal-health and pet-products wholesaler providing an extensive range of goods and services. 


Provet is a leading animal health distribution company in Australasia. 


The quality of a compounded medication is a vital component of a successful clinical outcome. Bova provide a range of quality assured products that are end product tested and undergo stability trials so that veterinarians can have confidence in the medication they are prescribing.

Integrated ordering and stock control coming soon!
No middleman.
Zoetis is a global animal health company dedicated to supporting customers and their businesses in ever better ways. We work every day to better understand and address the real-world challenges faced by those who raise and care for animals. Building on 70+ years of experience, we deliver quality medicines and vaccines, complemented by diagnostic products and genetic tests and supported by a range of services.


An easier way to manage your staff.

Anywhere, anytime.

Schedule the right staff, at the right times, across different roles or locations. Easily fill shifts based on employee availability, training, and cost.

Send rosters straight to your team via desktop or mobile. And if you change the roster, make sure staff see the update by requesting a confirmation.

Send your roster straight to Petbooqz for staff availability and online bookings.

Once click transfers your fortnightly roster – no double entry.


Cider House takes the security of your data seriously. That’s one of the reasons we provide the option of hosting on-site. For remote access, we ensure that your systems stay protected with world class solutions to authentication, end point protection and remediation.

We all need the internet, even when data is hosted locally. Yet one malicious cyber attack can bring your whole business down. Cider House has partnered with Malwarebytes to offer best in class end point protection and remediation for all of your work stations. Malwarebytes protects you against malware, ransomware, malicious websites, and other advanced online threats that have made traditional antivirus obsolete.

Malwarebytes is rated as one of the best antiviruses for fighting all malware and maintaining proper virus protection and is updated hourly. It had near-perfect detection rates, catching almost all of the malware and ransomware samples in independent testing. Malwarebytes is available at very special low pricing bundled with your Petbooqz subscription.

Speech Recognition

Google Cloud Speech to Text

Standard with PetBooqz is support for  Google Cloud Speech-to-Text to reduce or eliminate the need for typing. Chrome browser and active internet connection required, no subscription or other additional costs apply. Specific word lists can be created to enable veterinary or pet industry specific terms.

Dragon Veterinary

Dragon Veterinary is veterinary specific speech recognition software helping veterinarians be more productive and profitable. Text can be entered to any text field by dictation.

Dragon Veterinary reduces or eliminates the need to type, allowing a seamless transition into a paperless environment. Additional costs apply.

Telephones and Communications

Plexus Communications

Plexus Communications supply an extensive range of VoIP phone systems. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions deliver your communication needs via the internet rather than traditional copper lines.

VoIP takes advantage of digital data, enabling reliable phone connections and futureproofing technology with easy app downloads to keep you always up to date.

Veterinary Standards


VeNOM codes have been developed by first opinion and referral hospitals as a standardised list of species, presenting complaints, diagnostic tests and other administrative tasks.

Petbooqz uses these codes to facilitate clinical auditing, research, administration, 3rd party integration, tagging genetic predispositions and electronic insurance claims. 


In today’s technology driven world, there is a constant need to communicate across a range of services. With VetXML, electronic dialogues between practice and supplier have been standardised for easier communication now and in the future.

The VetXML Consortium is leading the way in the veterinary world in its standardisation of digital information transfer amongst the profession. PetBooqz is a signatory and has adopted vetxml standards throughout to ensure fast, consistent integration with our partners and third party providers. 

Wellness and Loyalty Programs


Vet designed wellness plans, and pet cover by pet lovers. We make prevention easy with wellness subscriptions designed by vets, and clear-cut insurance cover if things do go wrong.

Knose helps you turn your recommendations into subscriptions your clients can count on, month after month. You design the perfect wellness plan and we do the rest. Protect the pets in your care and protect your practice with Knose.

Petbooqz supports two way communication with Knose allowing you to sign up clients, auto update program status, auto update key medical records based on Knose product shipment dates.