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PetBooqz brings unparalleled flexibility and features that others treat as 3rd party add-ons. With powerful reporting, a focus on client experience and retention, lower Total Cost of Ownership and options for both veterinary practices and ancillary service providers alike, you can be sure that we have the depth of experience and know how to look after you now and in the future.

PetBooqz is the product of over 20 years of continuous development with the veterinary industry and ancillary service providers such as groomers and boarding kennels.

We’ve learnt a lot in that time and in fact are now the preferred developers for providers that you may already be using.


Install anywhere, access anywhere

PetBooqz is a web based solution, accessible from any device with a web browser and an active Internet connection. Uniquely, PetBooqz can be installed on your own infrastructure or in the Cloud. Reduce total ownership costs and increase access speed within your business by hosting locally or take the stress out of backups and hardware upgrades by hosting in the Cloud. The choice is yours.

You always own your data

We understand that lives change, that one day you may want to retire or otherwise sell your business. And when that happens, much of the goodwill lies in your practice management system. That’s why from the time you’ve paid the initial installation charges, the data belongs to you. Sell PetBooqz as an asset belonging to your business, export the data – it’s up to you.

And we’ll never sell or provide your data to any 3rd party provider without your express permission.


Multi location, instant reporting

Every business has its own unique requirements – from installing within an existing company infrastructure, to pushing out prices and protocols, or reviewing real time analytical data. All PetBooqz data is coded by location allowing advanced instant, real time reporting by individual location across the biggest of businesses and across multiple KPIs. Our included reporting dashboard includes fast, graphical representation of key figures or export to your preferred reporting system. This really is “smart” reporting.

Integrated e-Ordering

Order directly from your supplier, update stock, check prices, selectively update your prices depending on price sensitivity, receive invoices, track deliveries and back orders, confirm “generic swaps” with our full integrated e-Ordering that lets you see and review what your supplier has provided.

PetBooqz tracks all sales and orders allowing quick and easy generation of orders when stock falls below minimum levels.


Integrated Help

Lodge a support issue directly from PetBooqz. Go to our Documents dashboard to access the latest training and features & functions videos – an ever growing collection that introduces new features, updates new users or serves as a useful run through of an irregularly used function.

Accounting Made Standard

Whether it be a one off invoice or statements for user defined intervals and split billing for syndicates, PetBooqz includes it as standard. And our invoices cover multiple patients over multiple days. None of that ancient single invoice per patient per day that so often leads to lost income.

Daily ledger for staff to review and balance the “till”, GST reporting by cash or accrual, additional admin level reports across months, financial years or user defined periods and export to Xero or MYOB complete the financial picture.


Multiple Payment Processor Options

No double entry of payments required. PetBooqz proudly partners with Tyro for credit card and EFTPOS authentication and is also integrated with PC-EFTPOS for recognition of most common bank supplied terminals.

Accept OpenPay payments with automatic reconciliation against client accounts.


World class software, world wide compatibility

We’re members of both the VeNOM Coding Group and the vetxml consortium.

VeNOM codes have been developed by first opinion and referral hospitals as a standardised list of species, presenting complaints, diagnostic tests and other administrative tasks. Petbooqz uses these codes to facilitate clinical auditing, research, administration, 3rd party integration, tagging genetic predispositions and electronic insurance claims.

In today’s technology driven world, there is a constant need to communicate across a range of services. With VetXML, electronic dialogues between practice and supplier have been standardised for easier communication now and in the future.

The VetXML Consortium is leading the way in the veterinary world in its standardisation of digital information transfer amongst the profession. PetBooqz is a signatory and has adopted vetxml standards throughout to ensure fast, consistent integration with our partners and third party providers.


Data structure - boring now, important in the future

OK – it may not sound important now but the underlying data structure of your PMS is what ensures the long term reliability of your data. Global identifiers are the key. Client IDs and Patient IDs form these identifiers in a PMS. Without them, key searches may need to link multiple levels of data. It makes 3rd party integration hard, makes changing patients to a new owner harder than it should be, makes small data losses on one level cascade to losses across the data structure. PetBooqz has these global identifiers in every single relevant table.

Open API for Integration

3rd party providers love working with PetBooqz. We’re adaptive, responsive and have an API (Application Program Interface) that makes it easy to integrate. If you have an application you want to talk with PetBooqz, let us know. We’d be more than happy to have a chat.

Secure External Access

Choose to host with us and we’ll ensure that PetBooqz is installed in secure, best practice data centres so you can be sure your data is safe. All data sent through the internet is encrypted with bank level RSA and SSL technology.

Access is automatically limited to approved IP addresses, limiting access to only those locations you’ve pre-approved.

Host on your own server and we’ll assist you in setting up a secure, encrypted Virtual Private Network and IP limited access, securing your network and data.


We know hardware too

There’s nothing worse than calling your software support and getting a “Sorry, we don’t do hardware” when it’s a relatively simple printer or network fault. At PetBooqz we provide a complete service. We’ll answer your calls regardless (fair use applies) or if you prefer, we can offer hardware support services as an add-on to the standard software subscription, giving you piece of mind with one complete solution.

We can even supply hardware if you require including a PACS solution that meets regulatory requirements for long term storage and retrieval, computers, networking, microscopes and more.


Customise access, keep admin private

Whether it be for different locations, departments or you have a business requiring  simplified feature set (such as grooming or boarding), PetBooqz can be configured so users have access to only the features they need.

Our unique architecture has a separate admin panel, ensuring all protocols, pricing and reporting remain accessible only by administrators. No chance of accidentally leaving business critical figures viewable to general staff.


“Click and Collect” client purchasing

Take your business online with the Advance Notice “Click & Collect” optional module. Clients securely login to your Practice, order from products that you make available online for later collection from the Practice or even offer home delivery.

Reduce and manage your inventory and enhance your client services by offering the convenience of online shopping direct from your Practice without the high costs of a separate or custom service.

Optional extra subscription required.



Clean and uncluttered, works on any device

works on all screen sizes

PetBooqz is thoroughly modern software. The UI (user interface) adapts to your device, key navigation stay readable and usable even on phones. Don’t get lost in an early 90’s style grey screen or multitude of nested tabs – a clean, easily navigated screen lets you quickly move to the area where you need to work with all clinical records just a couple of clicks away. Use in any web browser, optimised for Google Chrome.


Review your day as you go

Say goodbye to “clipboards”. Our activity centre lets you quickly review the day’s appointments, viewed clients and patients, daily “To Do’s”, appointments, and admitted patients from anywhere within PetBooqz. Follow up histories and previously seen patients, chase up a call back – all through one simple panel. Also included is a universal search function letting you quickly find, and navigate to, clients and patients or review a fee or service from any screen.

Two-way messaging

Send SMS appointment reminders, general reminders or surgery update. Custom, template driven and ad hoc messages can be sent straight from the system. Emails, stock orders, invoices, histories, statements. We were one of the first to include email as a standard communication option 20 years ago and PetBooqz takes that further. All correspondence is stored with the client’s records for review.
Full two way SMS messaging supported – client replies go directly to PetBooqz with system message alerts*.
Great rates from just 8c per message
* Two way messaging requires an account with Burst SMS.


Appointment calendar

Manage your business time more effectively. Patient avatars, user defined colours & columns, daily notes and quick access monthly calendar make managing appointments intuitive and simple. Set up a roster of availability or mobile location, define standard appointment lengths, check status. Hover over an appointment or tap to quickly review additional information without navigating to the appointment.

Thanks to our adaptive and clear screens, the calendar remains fully readable and navigable on mobile devices making life easy of the road. Check patients in and electronically sign consent forms on tablet devices.


Hospital charts standard

Clinical compliance and treatment revenue leakage are crucial to emergency centres, referral hospitals and standard businesses alike. PetBooqz includes readily reviewed hospital charts as standard. Admit a patient, set up a treatment template, apply it and automatically add treatment charges to the patient invoice, transfer and record treatments to clinical records. View on tablet, wall monitor or mobile. Automatic warnings when treatments are due, change templates as patient needs change and all part of PetBooqz – no additional charges, no expensive third party add-ons.

Voice-to-Text Standard

While others rely on expensive third party options, PetBooqz open architecture allows us to take advantage of Google Cloud Speech-to-Text to reduce or eliminate the need for typing. It converts audio to text by applying powerful neural network models, recognises 120 languages and variants and handles noisy audio typical in the standard pet business without requiring additional noise cancellation. And those difficult veterinary specific words and abbreviations can be recognised by providing a set of words and phrases that are likely to be spoken.

Advanced Reminders and To-Dos

One of the most advanced reminder systems available comes standard with PetBooqz. Trigger reminders or short term follow ups off any billable item. Specify how you’d prefer it to be delivered with fall backs to suit client contact preferences. Generate reminders based on “Life Stages’, our unique breed based approach to the difference in ageing between not only species but also breeds. Specify intervals, apply personalised templates or media rich options. Send on a daily schedule via email or SMS, automatically deferring for holidays when your business is not open to respond. Use the reminders dashboard to follow up making sure that clients are properly communicated with and retained. See your compliance rates soar!

Auto generate from any item or manually add staff memos and to-dos.


Online Bookings

Not only does PetBooqz integrate with leading providers of online appointment booking such as Pet Yeti and Vetstoria but goes a whole step further with our own “Advance Notice”. Secure, two-factor authentication allows your clients to login and book appointments, boarding and order products directly from your business online, notify you of changes in status and contact details send communications to your business directly.

Our boarding option uses clever AI and your preferences to check for availability across boarding categories and shared resources to offer the best availability within the resources you make available.

Note that additional costs apply for all online booking services.


Clever templates, media rich options

PetBooqz templates are included at no extra cost for automatically entering information into clinical histories, reminders, client handouts, SMS messaging and emails. Pick from a list of templates to speed clinical record keeping. Edit and add more of your own for standard procedures.

Take client communication to the next level with media rich options from Vet Check (available at additional cost). Add to your social media feeds, increase  service and product compliance and drive growth.


Pathology Integration

Save time, increase efficiency and cost recovery with PetBooqz two way integration with IDEXX, Abaxis, Heska in-house pathology and major external pathology services. Billing is automated and results transferred directly to clinical records. PetBooqz follows pathology industry standards, directly importing HL7 results as raw text where available.

Making Insurance Paperwork Obsolete

No more lost time with manual, paper based claims. PetBooqz has partnered with the Petsure group to offer a full, integrated electronic claims process with automatic process checking and claim status updates.

Coming soon! “Gap Only” insurance claims – submit a claim and get approval within 15 minutes, your clients only pay the gap and you receive payment over night. PetBooqz will automatically reconcile client and insurance payment against the client’s account.


Wellness and Loyalty Programs

No half-thought out add-on, PetBooqz wellness module allows you to configure plans, sign up clients and automatically track all patient sales right down to individual items. Group similar items for quotas, reward long term loyalty with reporting of years of membership, generate loyalty cards – this is a robust module that makes communication with your best clients pain free.

Not sure how to manage a loyalty program? Sign up with our partners Knose for a completely managed solution including full two way integration with PetBooqz, ensuring your clinical records and reminders reflect Knose deliveries.


File Storage

Drag and drop or navigate to documents, east results, images, videos, sound clips and more to the patient record. Auto linked against the patient for referral at any time.

Note: We don’t recommend directly attaching DICOM images for review. Browsers and remote desktops lack the resolution required for reviewing diagnostic images. We do have a complete PACS solution meeting regulatory requirements for long term storage and retrieval.


Flexible Invoicing Increases Cost Recovery

PetBooqz treats invoicing separately from history keeping – blank histories or invoices can mean real costs get overlooked. Automated charging ensures pathology is invoiced as its requested. Hospital treatments auto add charges to invoices. Our proformas bundle frequently used items together both for providing client estimates and adding items directly to invoices. Add one or many, set up for standard procedures, bill multiple patients on one invoice or one patient across multiple days. Flexible invoicing increases cost recovery and makes reconciling payments easier.