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We know that fast and reliable access to your data is key to the running of your business. 

Internet speed and stability is hence essential to hosting PetBooqz offsite “in the Cloud” and for fast access by remote users such as large animal vets on the road.

Both upload and download speeds should also be considered since data must be transferred both to and from the Cloud.

Lower speeds are workable when the Practice Management Component is installed locally.

This is the key to PetBooqz installation flexibility. Access your system anywhere, anytime with an active Internet connection regardless of where you choose to install.

Cloud based Local install
Small Practices, admin remote access only 5 – 10 Mbps 5 Mbps
Larger Practices or Practices with travelling staff 20+ Mbps* 10+ Mbps*

Remote access speeds also depend on internet speed at the remote access end. 

Not sure of your internet speeds?
You can check them here: Speedtest

Don’t forget to check both upload and download speeds and typical speeds at any regular remote locations!