Introducing the next evolution of CHSVET – PetBooqz

The Veterinary industry, like much of the medical fraternity, has unique software needs that can only be understood by years of working in the industry.

Solutions that leap on buzzwords like “cloud” or “SaaS” while still employing overly complicated, busy screens miss the point.

The most flexible software for all businesses working in the veterinary and allied pet industries

Access Petbooqz anywhere

Host where you want: Cloud, in-house or mobile

Based on more than 20 years real experience with leading providers in Australia and around the world.

Works on any device - fully adaptive and optimised for touch screen devices

Better work flow, better client engagement, lower Total Cost of Ownership

Veterinary Groups

PetBooqz can significantly reduce IT costs for groups looking to maximise savings on scale.

Centralised realtime reporting across multiple locations and KPI’s are crucial to group decision making and come standard with PetBooqz.

Have full visibility across your group anywhere, anytime without extensive in-house IT staff.

 PetBooqz traces the client visit experience. Standard hospital charts with daily treatment protocols, insurance eclaims, sophisticated wellness plans, and leading reminder schedules are just part of the focus.

 It may be called PetBooqz but it works for animals large and small.

Syndicates, an adaptive user experience to suit any device and secure, individual logins to record and maximise returns for traveling vets and specialists are part of the standard feature set.

 Groomers, dog walkers, doggy day care – just some of the allied industries that benefit from sophisticated record keeping, accounting, histories, online bookings and reminders.

A special simplified feature set, low starting price, and powerful room for expansion makes PetBooqz the ideal solution for the broader pet industry.

PetBooqz brings real industry experience to a true 21st century software solution.

Simple data access and entry with automation where it counts to ensure data remains accurate and comprehensive, considering the needs of vets, nurses and other staff equally.

Processes that maximise customer care, tracing the customer experience through each visit and focusing on retention and engagement.

Flexible installation options ensuring essential real time access to histories for critical decision making.

Support that doesn’t stop at the software but knows that it’s often the hardware where help is needed.

100% Australian developed

24/7 Support

20+ Year Practice Retention

In use around the world

Discover the benefits that come from experience

Cloud or local – the choice is yours

  • Flexible installs optimised for your unique situation
  • Go Cloud or securely install on your own existing hardware.
  • Securely login from any device with a web browser
  • Access your records from anywhere in the world
  • Continuous development and new integrations constantly expand the feature set
  • Feature rich software including hospital charts, boarding and accounting that aren’t extra cost add-ons.

Seamless process – full integration

    • Seamless integration of leading industry solutions
    • Hospital charts, accounting, sophisticated reminders standard
    • Send SMS and emails direct from PetBooqz
    • Sophisticated wellness program focused on long term client engagement
    • Integrated with Xero and MYOB – pick your accounting system.
    • Automated admin panel with separate secure login


Lower total cost of ownership

  • Simple, scalable pricing options include support
  • Start ups and mobiles include two logins – keep your nurse or bookkeeper in the loop.
  • Low cost, simplified option for allied pet industries
  • Low hardware requirements.
  • Optimised, adaptive interface for tablets and touch devices.
  • Host in the cloud for lower start up costs or on your own hardware for lower total cost of ownership

Continuous Development

PetBooqz is the result of 20 years of continuous software development but it doesn’t stop there. We’re constantly working with industry leaders, suppliers and leading IT analysts to ensure state of the art processes and functions are introduced on a regular basis.

No 1990’s style nested tabs or grey screens with PetBooqz.

Separate Admin Panel

 Keeping admin separate means no more worries about forgetting to log out.

Install separately or in the same location with separate secure login. Edit pricing and promotions, and push out to staff only when you’re ready. Real time, full visibility of key KPI’s

Access Anywhere

 PetBooqz runs in a browser and is fully adaptive meaning it makes best of use of your screen space whether it be a 24” desktop screen, a 10” tablet or even a phone.

Best of all, all key features and functions are touch friendly. No more pecking at tiny buttons in nested tabs. Whether hosted in our cloud options or locally, just add Internet for a true 21st century access anywhere solution.

Your Goodwill is Secure

 Come retirement or sale, the goodwill in your business lies in your data.

With PetBooqz your data is always yours. Independent of whether you still subscribe or not, we’ll ensure that your data is accessible, exportable and transferable.

Sophisticated Data Structure

 We’ve been here for the long term and we understand that the long term integrity of software’s data structure is crucial to your business. Nothing is more important than so called “global identifiers” – key data that ensures that each table of data can be reconstructed independent of any other.

In the animal industry that means client ID’s and patient ID’s must be included in every relevant table. Leave them out and data will drop out.

One Visit - One Invoice

You know when you go to a motel with your family and stay for a few days you get one invoice at the end? Makes sense doesn’t it – one stay, one invoice.

Why then do so many veterinary solutions generate separate invoices per patient, per day then pop them into a statement? No other industry would stand for it. The chances of income being lost, clients getting confused are huge.

With PetBooqz multiple patients, multiple days just makes sense.

PetBooqz is proudly a participating member for the following International standards for veterinary software.