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As PetBooqz is a browser based solution, the performance requirements of the individual devices are minimal.

However, we recommend good graphics capability and newer devices for best performance. The following are recommendations. Talk with our hardware consultants re your specific requirements and utilisation of existing devices.

Self- install host: Windows based computer with i5 or i7 processor with at least 8GB RAM (i7 and 16 GB recommended for larger businesses, Windows Azure or similar service also suitable) solid state drive recommended with additional storage available for documents and backups.
Host computers also require mySQL and PHP, a fixed IP address and Firewall configuration to ensure access to/from remote services and may have additional requirements. Check with our consultants for details.

While individual devices can be just about anything, the host must be Windows based to support 3rd party integrations and printing services.

Individual devices for access anywhere: Windows, Mac OS X computers with i5 or newer processors, iPad Air or newer, Android Tablet with at least 4 GB RAM. 10” minimum screen is recommended for best touch experience, smaller devices may require some scrolling but are supported.

At least one device must be Windows based and have a fixed IP address to support 3rd party services and printing requirements.

PetBooqz has been developed from the ground up to support modern touch devices allowing a good user experience on screens as small as 10” . PetBooqz is also adaptive for smartphone use with some additional scrolling..

Larger screens will show more at one time and may be preferred for reception, treatment and other key information localities within the business. Where users require access to diagnostic access to digital assets, including DiCOM images, screens of at least 24” are recommended.

Recommended Browsers

We recommend Google Chrome and Brave browsers. Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. based on the Chromium web browser. The browser blocks ads and website trackers and is reported to load 2-8 times faster than Chrome or Safari on mobile devices.

Please note that as of June 2019, speech-to-text is available only with Google Chrome
  • Labels: DYMO 450, Seiko Smart or other vet label compatible thermal printer. Ancillary businesses may use any suitable label printer when required.
  • Other printers: Any available networked or direct connection printer with A4 printing.
  • Barcode scanner: Any USB or Bluetooth connected scanner
  • Payment solutions: Tyro, PC EftPOS, OpenPay. 

PetBooqz does get involved with Hardware/Technology/Network/Internet solutions and we do employ people on the help desk and implementation teams who are suitably skilled and equipped to provide answers and resolutions to your hardware and connection issues. 

For a complete solution, talk to our consultants.