Tyro EFTPOS Payments

Tyro Payments with CHS VET

Announcing the latest in EFTPOS technology for CHS VET

CHS VET have partnered with Tyro Payments to help you revolutionise the way you take card payments and manage your billing.

CHS VET can now send billing totals directly to a Tyro EFTPOS terminal, eliminating EFTPOS keying errors and reconciliation headaches all in one go. That’s right, your CHS VET totals and EFTPOS totals will always match up, meaning you can go home on time at the end of the day!

Tyro also has mobile 3G EFTPOS devices that can be taken on home or farm visits. Take a payment then and there and stop chasing unpaid accounts. With easy reconciliation between your Tyro EFTPOS terminal and CHS VET, you can focus on growing your practice, not managing your admin!


Smarter, Faster, Integrated EFTPOS

Processing more than $5.5 billion in EFTPOS transactions annually, Tyro is Australia’s only independent merchant services provider and supplies more than 10,000 businesses with a secure and reliable EFTPOS solution. Some of our larger partners include Airport DutyFree, CabFare, Chanel, Jaycar, Medicare Australia, Nando’s, Toyota and Westfield Group.


What is EFTPOS integration?

EFTPOS integration with Tyro will allow you to link your EFTPOS terminal, over broadband, directly to your CHS Vets software.


How will it help?

  • Remove billing errors caused through double keying the payment amount between CHS Vets and your EFTPOS terminal. This provides simpler and easier reconciliation.
  • Eliminate slow and expensive phonelines by connecting the EFTPOS terminal to your existing broadband network instead.
  • Very fast transaction speeds of less than 3 seconds to help cut through queues.
  • Portable EFTPOS models available for home and farm visits.


Activate and ready to go

Once your terminal arrives just plug in and connect it to the internet. Tyro’s customer support will help you activate and link it to your VPM. Pain-free, simple and no fuss.
You can start transacting immediately!

No need to change bank

It doesn’t matter who you bank with, Tyro instructs settlement of the funds on the next banking day into any Australian bank account.



Like to know more how Tryo works with CHS VET?

Speak with one of Tyro’s Vet Specialists today on 02 8907 1717 or contact the team at Ciderhouse ICT on 03 964 3638 or click here