Clinic AssistVet

Whether you are tackling the issues of:
  OH&S    security    risk management or minimising animal distress & injury
the self contained CLINIC ASSISTVET can help make your business safer & more productive.


clinic_assist_button_assistPerhaps you just need an extra pair of hands. Instead of sticking your head out the door, yelling for someone to help and leaving an animal unsupervised, just simply click a button.

clinic_assist_button_alertSometimes you are not quite sure of the intentions of a member of the public and you want to give your staff the “heads-up” about someone acting suspiciously or perhaps even aggressively. Instead of possibly making the situation worse, you play a friendly voice annotation that is a coded message and say something like “Call for Mr. Smith on line two”.

clinic_assist_button_evacWhether it is a fire, gas-leak, toxic spill or some other health hazard, your CLINIC ASSISTVET system can provide a series of warning tones and voice instructions of exit & meeting assembly areas.

clinic_assist_button_lockdownAnimals can come to harm or even suffer a fatal accident if they escape from their cage or control of their handler. With a simple click, you can inform the staff and patrons that doors are to be closed in order to detain the escapee.

CLINIC ASSISTVET key features include:

  • Wireless – No need to run wiring between consult/zones so you can get going quickly. Deployment is quick & simple. Maximum open site range: 350m.
  • Australian designed & manufactured, purpose built for clinicians, and backed by local support.
  • Does not require a microphone. Does not require a PA (Public Address) system. Independent of front desk operations.
  • In-built flexibility allows the system to be programmed and customised to your particular requirements.
  • Standard with 3 programmed


For peace of mind for you, your staff and your clientele…

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