Your Local Vet App

Developed by vets, the Your Local Vet App allows live notifications of up coming appointments and important health reminders as well as keeping you in touch with your clients.

Send medication and health reminders, appointment notifications and messages to “Your Local Vet” and your clients will receive them directly to their compatible smart phone  as notifications.

Stand out with a dedicated, native app running right on your clients phone. Don’t risk losing your important SMS messages amongst the sales updates that clog up your clients message box!


nurseRegister for “Your Local Vet” – Register with us and we’ll provide the integration software needed. For CHSVET users, that’s right inside your VPMS. Using another system? No problems – we can provide you with the protocols and desktop application that in many instances will let you take advantage of “Your Local Vet”. Want “Your Local Vet” integrated with your preferred VPMS? No problems there either. We have developed a range of tools allowing your developers to integrate with “Your Local Vet” – completely independent of CHSVET. No branding, no advertising from CHSVET at all.

userClient details – Make sure your clients always have your most recent contact details right on hand. Single button click to call, opening hours, preferred emergency contact details and live map letting them know how to get back to you.

paw3Pets – Your clients pet’s details are automatically added based on your VPMS records, completely securely with access only to those public details that you’d want to check wit your clients.Clients can add their favourite photo of each of their pets for that personalised touch.Encourage your clients to check their pets details, notify your of a change of pet status, health, and other details keeping your VPMS right up to date.

alarmReminders –  Live, automatically scheduled reminders of important health care and other services directly to our client’s compatible smart phone.Smart notifications allows clients to use the App or transfer notifications to their general phone reminders for sharing with family.Never risk your clients missing an important health service for their pet again!

Clients can request an appointment directly from the App for you to confirm at the nearest mutually convenient appointment.

Keep your clients in touch but be in full control of your appointment schedule.

appointmentAppointments – Live notifications of client’s upcoming appointments. Request a new appointment for you to confirm.Add appointments to the phone’s calendar for sharing with family.

newspaper Messaging – Be in constant live contact wit your client when their pet is with you via our in-built two way, secure vet-client messaging service.Send updates on procedures, confirm the success of an operation, send out complete information sheets following a call or advise your registered clients of upcoming promotions and special events.

All in real time, all in “Your Local Vet”.

Convenient – and economical.

With the price of postage sky rocketing, never has their been a better time to move to electronic communications. And at less than a standard SMS service per message “Your Local Vet” is not only convenient but truly economical.

Register your interest today by filling in the form and we’ll get back to you with details on how you can integrate “Your Vet” and take full advantage of its many features and advantages.


Developers: Would you like to integrate “Your Local Vet” or our general “My Reminders” app with your VPMS or CRM solution?

“Your Local Vet” has been developed from the ground up to be a  completely generic solution that you can integrate with your solution. Don’t waste time and money – contact us for details on our API’s and integration protocols to take advantage of real time reminders for your clients in your own solution.



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