Cider House and gCast have joined forces to enable you to create automated marketing campaigns right out of CHSVet!

Using your CHSVet database with all your client information, you can build marketing campaigns to target the people you want to reach without the need for time consuming data mining or list creation.

Create enduring customer engagement through email, SMS, social media and direct mail using the gCast retention & marketing platform.


“The most profitable business is repeat business”

We’ve all heard this saying and it may seem obvious, but just how valuable are existing clients?

After the first visit, our long term data analysis shows that a client has around a 27% chance of responding to a printed first reminder. Compare that statistic to the return on new client marketing of 1%-3%, and a returning client is 9 times more likely to purchase from you!

marketing analysis

Our analysis also shows that most Vet practices have a large number of registered clients who either don’t spend regularly…or don’t spend at all!

Having a client return to your practice a second time is vital if you are to build a long-term relationship. Every time a client returns, they are more likely to purchase and return again.

effective marketing

Every time this happens, the chance of repeat business rises!

Marketing to existing clients can be almost 20 times as effective as marketing to gain new clients!


While these statistics are exciting, practice owners know that marketing to existing client is a time consuming process that is difficult to maintain consistently over the long term. Well – Not Anymore!


Creating a Marketing Campaign is easy with gCast!

Customise pre-existing templates, bring in your own design or build a new one using the drag and drop gCast Email Creator. Build a library of custom campaigns designed to drive repeat business across your client base. Campaign templates allow you to automatically generate the following marketing material through CHSVet:

  • Welcome emails for new clients depending on their pet being a dog or cat.
  • Generate automatic vaccination reminders that trigger on anniversary dates.
  • Generate automatic 2 monthly parasite control reminders.
  • Generate reminders for dental checks.
  • Generate reminders about health checks for senior cats and dogs.
  • Generate health checks for pets based on breed specific issues.

gCast provides realtime reporting, allowing you to see marketing results instantly or schedule an automated report. Keep track of engagement with your campaigns including open rates, click throughs, social engagement and much more.

gCast is built to cater for multiple locations, allowing you to have complete control or to empower your branches to market at a location level.


Best of all, gCast works with CHSVet  ensuring you will never need to heavy-lift data and mess around with reports or spreadsheets!


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Find out how to make your practice more profitable, with less effort, than you ever imagined possible by using the gCast retention & marketing platform.