At Cider House ICT P/L we recognise that the inherent benefits of a client data management system, such as CHS VET, must be considerably greater than the inherent costs for the investment to be worthwhile.

That’s why we design simple, effective systems built around the user’s needs. Our service and support is based on the same principle with our office in Melbourne, and an agent in Hong Kong and works on a user pays system. 

CHS VET is licensed with an initial block of time to assist with installation, training and support. This includes, but is not limited to, phone, fax and email support. On-site support or installation, data conversion and other additional services are available at the sole discretion of Cider House ICT P/L and is NOT included as standard. These services, if supplied, may be at additional cost.

It is our experience that this initial block of support time is more than enough to get most installations working effectively. Please note that this time does not expire or run for any fixed calendar period. It is used as quickly, or as slowly, as your Practice requires.

The time does not include additional costs for on-site, travel and other related expenditure. This is additional. In the event of an on-site visit the costs will include time, travel and all associated costs.

Following the expiration of this time the Practice will be invoiced for the next 8 hour block of support time in advance.

Standard support includes email, fax and phone. Where a Practice has reliable broadband internet connection, enabling us to connect to your practice computers, VNC (Virtual Network Client) support is also available at no extra charge. The relevant Open Source VNC servers for Windows and Mac OS X are supplied with CHS VET.


Staff Training

Although CHS VET is totally visual in operation and novice computer users can be productively using the key features of CHS VET within just a couple of hours, we offer staff training packages that can help you make the most of your software.

The training packages are tailored to your business needs and can be anything from training your staff in using CHS VET for the day to day running of your business to how to make the most of your vital business data within CHS VET.

The training can be conducted in an online session or onsite (Travel costs and time charges will apply).


3rd Party Software

The licences for most software and other practical works are designed to take away your freedom to share and change the works. CHS VET supports the right of licencees to access their data as they see fit, to make changes that they see fit to “own” their solution. And when you need us, we’re there with support, custom developments and a whole lot more; recognising that every Practice is different and deserves our individual attention.

While CHS VET is NOT a free solution it is an open solution. All of our licence holders have the rights to make changes and access data as they see fit – and to pay us support to fix things when they break it!

As further recognition of the importance of open software developments we take pride in providing you with world leading open software for use FREE within your Practices adding additional features to that of CHS VET.

Team Viewer


Team Viewer

 Installation guide

Teamviewer is the preferred Ciderhouse ICT support remote access client.